Thursday, March 21, 2013

HmmHmmHmmmWhat I'm currently reading!


Why oh why we're at that last inning called the home stretch! Ahh and I just remembered that I haven't done any updating for blogs since the new year!!! Ahhh time sure does fly if your not paying attention! Although all through that time I've been doing school and and and work!!!!!

I had a customer at my work who asked me what I do for excitement... and I had nothing to say!!! Well I could say what excites me is a great story!!! But then that shows that I've done nothing important in life, and that all I've been up to is siting in a room hording my treasures of books! (And they weigh as much as gold too!)

But I've decided, as I've learned from this manga Denpa Kyōshi, (Ultimate Teacher) that life is short and you should spend your time doing what ever you want!!! Great manga!!!!!! Craziest teacher too XD But I've learned something from him!

So yes to sum this random blog of my current crisis of excitement, I hope you've spend your time wisely too! Don't waste it on doing something you don't want to do!! :)

Yes and yeah I should get to what my title says I'm doing XD I'm currently reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone! :) its for my English class and I'm planning to write a fanfiction of it for my term paper! I'll hopefully get it done as soon as possible and if you'd wanna critic me go ahead and comment!!

By the way I have actually read the whole entire Potter series, but its the first book that I never got around to reading! I was recommended it when I was in grade 3 back when it first came out, but unfortunately I didn't believe in the person who recommended it to me. I thought the book looked lame :P So fast forward to when the first Potter movie came out, I watched it, and then I started up on the second book. So there you have it my random blip on that history! To tell the truth the first book is cute and really hilarious! Its a much more younger and lighter book than the later ones, but that's how it goes :)

So yup! Thats what I'm currently reading! Hopefully you've all got something worthwhile to do!

~ Tammu-kun

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