Monday, March 25, 2013

Yahoo 4 Games!!

Ok... I'm super super distracted so... I'll be losing sleep for the next three weeks starting now!

Hehe I've gotten my hands on a copy of    FIRE EMBLEM AWAKENING!!!

Ooo... my... you have no idea how... STUPID it was to find a hard copy of this game!! For one,,, there was something wrong with the shipment of the games, so there was hardly any copies that were available for people to get even if they pre-ordered it. But lucky me I found it by being patient XD

I didn't get the chance to get a free map download content, as Nintendo has put their online shopping ability to use with the 3DS, there's options of additional add-ons for new games now!!
Or any beautiful art book either T_T ' But I'm glad I've got the game!! Because... its.. sooo... god damn addicting!!

I usually go for RPG games cause I'm a sucker for a solid story line within games XD But I'm crazy for the art too!! You can choose your own characters and you get the chance of marrying/ pairing off the character's within the game too! Its got a boatload of crazy extra options alongside the story too!

The game runs as a strategy type where you chose how to move the characters and where/when to attack over a territory map. This at least lets you use a large number of characters during a fight, and at least a game that doesn't require a fist load of button mashing!!! Ahh... a!...a!...a! or well... the annoying yet tiring method of random attacks through bushes and forests!

But yeah! I'll be distracted!! Gahhh I have to concentrate on school too!!! A hehe ohh well it seems like I'll just be hiding under my blankets playing instead of sleeping!

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